Sunday, June 01, 2008


1 day in -£1500.

Just lost huge cash pot with 66 on AJ6 flop most in on flop and rest in on J turn - was on Laddies so does not turn hands over but river ace new I had lost anyway (he had AJ)

Have less than average stack in 125K on Betfair and spent 00s trying to qualify for ECOOPS tonight and lost race after race.

I am not in a good place at the moment (head wise) and some wise words from Azimut on last post - need to make sure dont go off the rails. I have not tilted just had loads of horrid situations I have not got awy from like over pairs v sets etc.

Anyway I don't have any roll left so back to basics as paid a bit off mortgage - It effects how you play so don't know where I am going from here at the moment - might just play a few games to go back to basics and respect the game again.

Well done to BluffDaddy winning a 100K gtd last night - awesome player on an awesome roll

At least some1 is doing ok !!! (and the below) !

Full Tilt Poker Game #6652451055: Table Park (deep hu) - $100/$200 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 15:14:50 ET - 2008/06/01Seat 1: Cole South ($74,794.50)Seat 2: Ben Grundy ($93,281)Ben Grundy posts the small blind of $100Cole South posts the big blind of $200The button is in seat #2*** HOLE CARDS ***Ben Grundy raises to $400Cole South raises to $1,200Ben Grundy calls $800*** FLOP *** [Ac 9d 5h]Cole South bets $2,000Ben Grundy raises to $8,400Cole South calls $6,400*** TURN *** [Ac 9d 5h] [2d]Cole South checksBen Grundy bets $19,200Cole South has 15 seconds left to actCole South raises to $65,194.50, and is all inBen Grundy calls $45,994.50Cole South shows [9c 9s Kc Jh]Ben Grundy shows [3h 6c 4h Jc]*** RIVER *** [Ac 9d 5h 2d] [7h]Cole South shows three of a kind, NinesBen Grundy shows a straight, Five highBen Grundy wins the pot ($149,588.50) with a straight, Five highCole South is sitting out*** SUMMARY ***Total pot $149,589 Rake $0.50Board: [Ac 9d 5h 2d 7h]Seat 1: Cole South (big blind) showed [9c 9s Kc Jh] and lost with three of a kind, NinesSeat 2: Ben Grundy (small blind) showed [3h 6c 4h Jc] and won ($149,588.50) with a straight, Five high


Wildcat said...

Keep at it mate, echo the previous comment about casino etc. Not worth it. Oh, and back Russia at 33/1 for the euro champs if you are going to do sports betting ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey man - I liked your comment about getting back to basics and respecting the game. Don't worry about this specific loss, see the overall cash gains. Good luck, great posts.

Small Stakes Poker said...

pma :)