Saturday, May 31, 2008


Cannot be assed complaining any more apart from Annette knocked me out near cash in 16k when she pushed all in with jack 8 off for me to call with KK on bib blind for 10k pot and she flops 88x. Multis have been like that all month but have to take the rough with the smooth. I have run so bad pretty proud to not lose on poker in the month but delighted May behind me now. Adding sports and poker together this month means I basically did my mega stressful job at moment all month for nothing - not good :(

6 Pak280
Bonus / Rake333
Heads Up400
No Limit500
Fixed Limit1490

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Unknown said...

being a tourney player in the main means you will regularly get runs like this. the key is to keep your head. don't increase sports betting, keep off casino's and dont play poker on tilt. apart from that just keep plugging away because after the year is up the profits will be there, simple as that.