Friday, May 16, 2008

Another version of below

We lose Mark Sudes as the Bedtime Bubble. He raises to 2400 and Pete Linton calls on the bb. Flop comes J-10-8. Mark bets and Pete raises as Mark moves all in and gets a snap-call from Pete as he flops the nuts with Q-9. And Mark shows KINGS. No runner runner for Mark and he is out. 20 left for today as we stop play and are back tomorrow for a 2pm start.

from aworldofpoker - prefer this version !!! (but not true)

To be faor Tower cannot move as tables rammed in as usual at Newcastle


F-Badger said...

I hate your check behind on the turn on the AA hand. You want to build a big pot - in reality it would have made you lose more/be out of the tourney though if ou had bet 2.5k or so lke you should.

Hand KK seems ok. You have 2 choices - linton is v agg and a good player. If you raise he will fold junk nad maybe call with speculative hands. if you check he will probably do the complete opposite + raise wth premium hands - all in all he was gonna call ur raise and u go bust anyway - but maybe raising and trying to get him to go all in is slightly the better option although in most cases you will just lose out on an extra bet.

you should have gone broke in both hands so no biggie just UL. PS I love the pre flop and flop play with AA

TEAMDOBB said...

agree with previous comment and busting earlier with your AA maybe wudnt of made you feel so bad. UL mate and enjoyed ya crack there. Cya soon.