Friday, May 16, 2008


2 key hands all day - the only times i got AA and KK and I lost pots totalling 50k (10k starting stacks).

1st hand (which I feel i played wrong on every street) - I pick up AA at 25 50 blinds and there is a raise to 200 and a reraise to 1k ahead of me. The table has 3 pro's and folds of QQ and KK have been shown preflop (both times v AA). I call from SB to try and disguise hand and a nice flop of 632 all spades ( I have ace spades) - I check he bets 1.5K i call. Turn comes 6 diamonds - he checks out of turn and i then choose to check (in effect behind) hoping he hits flush on river. Rover brings a queen non spade I bet 2.5K he min raises to 5K - I make what I consider a terrible call and he shows QQ.

2nd hand - 21 people left average 25K I have 19k - play breaks for day and folded to me on SB and I have KK - BB is new to table and chip leader and has raised 1st 2 hands at the table. I limp from SB and he checks. Flop JT8 which is a bit scary - I bet 2K he calls. Turn an 8 which I quite like - I bet 4k he raises to 9k and I have 12k behind. After a bit of thought i jam he calls and shows q 9 and i miss my two outs and gone.

I did play some decent poker but above 2 hands will live with me for a while :(

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