Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Played 5$ 10$ NL for 3 hours - must have had AA or KK about 7 or 8 times but never got into big pots with it - won only a few hundred quid which is disappointing given the starting hands I had.

Similar story in the satellite for one of the European Championship of online poker (BS VC etc) - i played 80$ sat into 800$ event and won it by a mile with monster after monster - that gets me in the 300k event next week.

The ECOOP starts this Friday with a 200$ NLHE event and I think I will play a few NL events especially the 6 pak ones. Anyone decent who qualifies or enters the 750+50 event and wants to swap a % then let me know.

Other game I was meant to play tonight was a 100 runner WSOP qualifier for a mate. I logged in waiting for table to pop up and it never did - I had assumed he had already registered but he hadn't so missed it - Doh :( - sorry


Anonymous said...

Hey - I read your article, expecting to hear that you lost loads tonight, but it sounds like you did ok. A few hundred quid is still a successful evening in my book. Thanks for the updates on your poker play, I'm learnin lots!

Anonymous said...

I actually planned on trying to satellite into some of the ECOOP MTT's but I've spent too much time fannying around the micro heads-up rooms to bother!

The $1.5m guarentee should attract some of the big online pro's wouldn't you think?