Sunday, May 25, 2008


Just gone out Betfair 550$ event with KK v AA to exactly the same player who i went out last weeks event to with exactly the same hand - FFS I run as bad as I possibly can. Qualified for this via sat so at least damage aint too bad.

Just qualified for the 550$ 250K on stars later so that will be my last pain for the night.

A cash in a multi is becoing desperate not 1 this month

* LATE EDIT - just manged to beat the bubble to come 170th of 1100 in *s 250K gtg for 750$ and my first cash this month in multi !!!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in the 250K in stars, am sure it will turn your streak around. Glad to see you're playing at sat tournies, I find it's the best way to get in and start playing.

TEAMDOBB said...

We run the same Mark. Im hoping Im getting all mine out of way before Vegas.
We can cry on each others shoulders.