Sunday, June 15, 2008

Somethings you have to hold your hands up

and say I just aint playing well.

I also though if i followed the below principles I would have won about 1/3rd more than what I have done the last 2 years.

Do not player poker if :-

1) You have something planned that evening and are trying to make a quick buck to pay for it.
2) If you are stressed and have worked late (just watch tv or something)
3) You just have gone deep and got a bad beat late on in a multi do not load up cash.

Went to York yesterday as th enag I have a % in was running and he ran decent after a slow start for 5th or 6th. However, I cant remember backing a horse winner since Cheltneham and lost £500 again yesterday.

Poker going poor also - about £2k down on actual play in month although small profit due to CPC cash.

Lets hope things take a turn for the up shortly.

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