Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nope not Horses thats still cack !!!

played cash for few hrs tonight and basically got in 4 pots for by ins and won 3 which after last month I was delighted about. Hardly playing any multis while doing my 3 6 cash experiment and not missing it too much. Especially when working long hours and not having the desire to play for 5 hrs or so when get home. 4 tabling cash pretty comfortable now and feel could do more but pc screen would be small and my eyes are shite anyway so will be 4 + tv !!!

Will keep playing cash when playing decent and know my game is improving as started to put down a lot more top pair top kicker hands when i used to stack off about 8 times in 10 v trips. I also now buy in for max each time which I never used to.

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