Friday, February 20, 2009


Won a cheapie which was 25$ in for 1050$.

Also done ok at cash although not fantastic. I always pished around with cash before and honestly have no clue what my level is. I was playing up multi wins at 10 20 or trying to grind multi buy in at 1 2 etc !!!. Multis not going as well this year so I need something else to pay so need to treat cash more serious.

I have played a few levels and think below are my starting points. I also am 3 tabling now and watching TV so if drop the tv part should be able to 4 table !!!.

3 6 NL cash
1 2 PLO or lower
25 50 FL

This week has been a write off and on top of my early exit the prices round here are a joke.

Pint £8
Meal with Drink £40-£50 etc.

I just worked the last 2 days in my room rather than waste holidays. Fly back home tomorrow and off on an all day bender starting at the races on Sat.

GL all

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