Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not the pop group !!

Have made it to the top level of the steps on Stars.

Basically I know have a ticket to enter (worth 2000$ equity that cannot be cashed) into a STT for major tournies.

At the moment I have the choice of 3 to try at :-

Copenhagen 1 seat but 2 decent cash prizes (2nd and 3rd) 9 runners.
Monte Carlo EPT 1 seat and a cash prize for 2nd. 10 runners
Dortmund EPT 2 seats and a prize for 3rd. 10 runners.

I was just going to reg for Copenhagen one assuming I would get cash if qualified as have already qualified but have read it would be tourney dollars. However, I am mega impatient when I have this ticket (only had it once before and came 3rd for a cash prize).

Basically its an STT if you run good in that you get a massive prize but if you do not you go all the way back down the snake to the bottom again.

EDIT played it and came last - went for a race double up early and he hits river.

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TEAMDOBB said...

wow what levels, was it 5678 or only in your dreams as its better best forgotten if its only in ya dreams so dont stomp about as a chain reaction may occur and after the love has gone your heartbeat will be pumping and words are not enough as one is for sorrow and all the good players will say youll be mine