Sunday, February 01, 2009


FFS - I am so sick. I honestly feel like I cannot go on and coping with it as it is just making me a miserable ****

Played one multi lost JJ v AA - fine standard. Then played a 100$ rebuy and spend 300$ trying to qualify for a 2.5 million gtd tourney worth 1500$.

I am about 5th of 12 with 8 seats when I click on a link someone has posted on forum for a free bet which I assumed was a superbowl promotion. Turns out its a joke and dodgy video that i cant get off the screen so have to shut down reboot and get back in and 9th of 10.

Get down to 9 and I am 8th but I would blind out before other gut so shove UTG when I pick up QQ and runs into AA.

The link probably cost me a $1500 seat and I am so tilted it is unreal.

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Wildcat said...

Rotten luck mate, when it goes against you, it really does!