Saturday, February 28, 2009


Off out tomorrow so can post it now. Basiaclly gave up multis after EPT and have had a 2 week spell when i have taught myself that I really can make cash play and am a decent player. I also know I have run immense in the last 2 weeks especially in flips for big pots and also had some perfect scenarios like quads v full houses etc.

Rake 215
FL -5
MTT 2335
NL 8675
PLO -1050
STT -125


1) As above my cash game has definately improved and much more able to put down hands. Also can 4 table on *s pretty comfortably now.

2) Won the EPT freeroll and sold 27.5% of myself in it.

3) Have not been able to put many hrs in due to work and getting home after multis start but that has been a blessing in disguise.


1) Lost yet again on PLO although ran horrible and lost a load of pots I was big fav in.

2) The whole EPT trip and then going out at level 1 and stuck in a place that did not have much going for it in my opinion.

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