Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Just had a day that just sums up the last few months for me.

I had been playing low at PLO200 but had done OK and moved to 1 table each of PLO400 and PLO600. I lost 4 buy ins at PLO600 never getting in worse than 45% and winning none (Now run > 10K$ behind EV on holdem manager.

Then had 2 big bets on footy (one to pay for xmas) on Ipswich and Preston both at evens both drawing 0 0 . The stats are sick on how many shots they both had without scoring it is totally beyond belief.

Anyway hold em manager on new pc over 4 months is now -22K$ (had a 10k$+day on other pc) and in a £2K+ hole for sports this month which I doubt I am getting out of as very little amunition left.

While I will end the year in profit at poker it really just feels like a complete waste of time this year and more and more seems to becoming a complete nit fest. Have not decided yet but am close to giving up for next year from a target perspective and just play now and then as a hobby / social thing which I guess is how it all started.


TEAMDOBB said...

absolutely nothing wrong with playing for the social/hobby/FUN aspect mate cos at end of the day its a sick sick game anyway

chin up & enjoy

Poker play the Soap way said...