Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Ain't got much energy for this type of post this year but have tryed to put top 5 good and top 5 bad so a balanced post. Overall an extremely poor year from me poker / gambling wise and most targets set at start of the year were missed.


1)My biggest disappointment for many a year was the profit I made on the banking shares that I held. At one stage I had up to 20K invested and felt these shares were unbelievable value. However they went down initially and there was so much negativity around that I ran when profits got up to around 30% netting a decent gain, had I stuck to my principles that gain could have been 10 times higher at around 50k !!!!

2) My biggest buy in ever was the EPO where I paid 3500$ for a seat although I sold about half my action. I played very well in this tournament and despite losing races was still in it with 10% of field left when my aces were busted by Kx suited to finish outside the cash.

3) At Macau in a 5000$ buy in event I was drawn on the table of death yet managed to get a decent stack on a table full of pros. Once again fortune was not on my side and I lost all big pots most of which I was massive favourite in, KK versus 56 suited was particularly painful.

4) Dominated hands - at the other 2 big buy in events I played in the year which were the EPT Copenhagen and Newcastle GUKPT I ran 2nd set into top set and Kings into Aces.

5) Not mastering PLO and ultimately making a loss at this discipline during the year.


1) NL hold em cash games in the first 6 months of the year went very well and I quite often felt I was the best player at the table at 6 max, and this was shown in profits and my win rate.

2) Qualifying via 2 freerolls into the EPT Copenhagen on pokerstars.

3) Qualifying for Macau.

4) Instigating and taking my sabbatical leave from work and having the most amazing 2 months when travelling around Asia and Australia.

5) Winning the Betfair Sunday night major earlier in the year, which at that point had meant I had won it 3 times in a year which was prob 1 time in every 10-12 times i had played it over that time period.


Brenos said...

Nice honest post mate :-)

Anonymous said...

Have the PLO tables become tougher in the past 6 moinths or so as people make the transition from NLHE to PLO?

I'm thnking of dedicating next year to playing PLO and PLO8 so just wondered thats all

Poker play the Soap way said...

I think as people make the transition then this is when they will lose. TBH not sure I have mastered the translation hence a losing PLO player.

NLHE at higher stakes is more and more full of nits waiting for nuts - unfortunately I am much better at NLHE than PLO as enjoy PLO 10 times more and you rake far more.

PokerLaz said...

You sound pretty downbeat about your year but some of those highs are really impressive.

Good luck for 2010

Daniel Trett said...

Good end of year report Soaps, Any chance of a link over I've linked you up.