Friday, December 25, 2009


Brief blog post to cover 2 non important poker topics and 1 very important life topic to me !!!

1) Happy Xmas to any readers left - realise last few months have been depressive reading but just have ran my worst ever so cant make it sound good.

2) After last post I was going to give up for xmas but logged on to *s and seen i had 94000 player points in the year so started to find out if worthwhile to try and get to 100000 for SuperNova status for next year. In the end decided to go for it but on principle of put 600$ in only and have to play 10000 low stakes hands or whatever it equates to. Hence last 2 days bored out my skull playing about 4000 fixed limit hands at slightly above break even (peanuts) - I now have 96000 points and am totally sick of it but as long as cash lasts will try and achieve it. Really to serve 3 purporses.

A) Get a bit of hard work / concentration ethic back in my poker.
B) Show one of my recently turned pro mates what a lazy arse he is in terms of how many hands he is playing per month (for his own good / motivation- BEN !!!!)
C) I am going to play 1 or 2 skins only next year for cash so gives *s as an option as some cash bonuses I believe if high volume player at Supernova.

3) Jean had a 13 week scan last week so started to tell people we are expecting our 1st child in the summer. Absolutely chuffed to bits and one reason why poker will play a much smaller part in my life from mid next year onwards.

I will finish this post on that positive news as I think feel good type news has been missing around here lately :)


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for ages.

Keep up the good work.


Brenos said...

WOWOWOW amazing news mate, mega congrats! :-)

Good grinding too, SN well worth achieving espeically as they've put the monthly requirement down to 7.5k VPPs for 2010. And yes Ben's lazy!

Gavin said...

Congrats on your news mate.
I always read your blog as its realistic.
Good luck

Robert "Animal" Price said...


Amatay said...

Congrats Mark, nice one mate

FlopIt... said...

Congrats sir!

Wildcat said...

Congrats mate, merry xmas and all the best for 2010.

Anonymous said...

Congrats hun!! Brillant news x x

Mrs D

BH said...

Congrats again mate, looking forward to seeing baby 'Shola Chang Mai Bankok Sydney Suddes' in the new year.

Point about volume also taken - expect my lazy arse to be motivated from January onwards....