Monday, December 07, 2009


Just lost heads up in a multi for a GUKPT package, lost 3 50 50's in last hr and would have been a very nice stocking filler for next year - this was the only multi I played tonight as dont have funds to buy into the major Sunday night tournies at the moment and bit gutted to miss the 1k game on Betfair tonight as will have been plenty fish.

Had mega busy weekend also so going to work very unrefreshed tomorrow, have been to 2 wedding dos this weekend and my wifes Grans 90th birthday so it has been rather hectic.

I am 5 bets and 5 losers at sports this month and the coach of Houston made the worst call in the world tonight when on 1st and goal he trys to get flash and gets the non quarterback throwing who throws and enzone interception - great :(

Bad luck continued at cash tables also - I was playing PLO600 as had won a couple of hundred earlier and basically got it all in 3 ways (1800EUR pot) with 56 on a 347 2 heart board and i had higher straights and flush redraws. Turn was a non heart 10 which was nice and I needed a blank on river as was against a set and a higher flush draw but the river came 6 giving someone quads.


Small Stakes Poker said...

vul but knocking on the door you will get it next time.

rubbish said...

Hope it wasn't a six for quads if you had one in your hand for your straight.

Poker play the Soap way said...

It was a 6 !!!

I got hand wrong a bit flop was 365 2 hearts and i had t4 hearts 79 clubs lol