Sunday, March 18, 2007


Played a £20 multi and got £440 for 2nd of a 100 and odd players. Bit disappointed as I blew a 3 : 1 chip lead heads up buy my opponent got cards at the right time and twice out kicked me when we had top pair - both times I had a straight draw that missed. Eventually he trapped me heads up with QQ against a K Ten push by me - Fair play to him he was the better player heads up.

I wont see any of the £440 quid anyway - I had decided if I got a good return from a multi before end of March that I was going to purchase a small share in a 2 year old racehorse (2.5 or 5% only ). I did this last year but unfortunately the company went bust so I did my cash. However I really enjoyed being involved and the stable visits were great so I'm looking to invest again with a new company.

This is just a hobby and will definitely cost you cash in the long run but the thrill of been an owner at York and Newcastle last year were great ( unlike the horses performances !!! ). I'm looking at a more reputable company this time to take the bankrupt risk away and am atracted to middleham park racing. which has been around for ten years. I have my eye on a cheap 2yowith P Haslam that I am currently enquiring about - I will keep you updated.

Good luck Gatsby in the final WSOP qualifier tonight.

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