Monday, March 05, 2007


In reverse order :-


The last week has been by far the worst run of luck I have had at cards - I must have been donked on time after time after time. Ive lost every race and about 8 from 10 70 30s in major tournies.

Tonight i played a satellite to the 500$ buy in 6 shooter.

Me on sb and bb are 1st and 2nd with 5 left and clear of the rest. - I have ace 3 and raise and he flat calls ( I know the player very well) - he deffo does not have ace as he pushes over the top if so.

Flop Ace 8 2 rainbow - I bet 1/2 pot he pushes over top all in. What can he have - I think any ace he reraises before flop also with any pair so Im certain Im winning even though weak ace. I back my judgement and call - 15k in middle next highest 2k so this is for game - he shows K 8 :D river fkin 8. Also had QQ busted in 3 tournies in row by AQ QT and JJ total joke resulting in me being 1k down this month :(.


Played another sat to 16k 4 seats 5 left Im in 3rd - one limper into my BB - I have ace 8 so push to pick up antes and pots - he has AA - no need for me to make move - Stupid :(.



I qualified for the final level again on Saturday - played very well always in control but then get low with 4 left - however 3 seats and 475$ for 4th so wasn't too fussed but won a race to qualify.


Betfair have started a nice promotion and I think 1st week was tonight - 150$ buy in with 3k$ prize gtd. Basically you can use the prize to buy into ant live event you want or try and save them up for entry into bigger events. I totally dominated this event - I chip lead it nearly all the way and with 6 left I had 17k and next best 7k.

The best player left was shakedown and I was able to make a big dent in him when my trips that I slow played beat his 2 pair. I then got down to 3 players with 17k and others had 13k and 6k. I held 7d 4d and minimal raised - 1 caller - flop Ace 6 3 2 diamonds - I bet pot and get a flat call Im certain he has an ace - my flush lands on turn and my bet is raised by his ace 3 for 2 pair - river is a rag and Im heads up.

At this point I think I have about a 2:1 chip lead. Heads up the guy disconnects and I win every hand from then on as he just auto folds !!!!! - I got some total monsters so think I probably would have won anyway. I felt a bit sorry for him as happened to me once with 3 left in 15k and i was chip leader but blinded out to 3rd - so what gos around comes around :)

Anyway feels like a bit of an anti climax and takes a bit of the sense of achievement away but now Im plotting where to spend my prize.

Big Well played to Dibble also who came 7th in the 50k and Doobs who won the 50k to go with his Monte Carlo win - that boy is golden at the moment.

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