Thursday, March 29, 2007


OK talking a couple of days off poker. Mind not right at the moment and have lost the last few days. I read a post on one of my mates blogs stating that when his head was not right he always lost and thats how I feel a the moment. Hence I have just been on EBAY to get myself some tickets for the boxing on Friday at Newcastle Arena where GB take on the US in the contender series which Im hoping will be good. I will probably have a few pints and end up on the cash tables somewhere !!!!

Anyway back to the purpose of the post. Volume wise I have played a lot in March and recovered from a shocking month to break even. Was £1500 down at one point and got to £800 up but finish the month break even ( well technically in profit !!! )

6 Pak-371
9 Seater-55
Rake + Bonus 1003
h up 586
Multi -429
NL -610

Pretty crap as Im only getting to break even from rakeback and bonuses. My NL game is absolutely shocking at the moment - I think I need to read a few books / tighten up and go back to basics. The only highlight I have this month is that I have won a passport stamp to the value of 3000$ which is not included in the above figures.

However, I do have some good news in the month. I have a few times rather than go on poker tilt loaded some cash up £75 on a online casino and each time have managed to get lucky and win large amounts. This is total luck and to be honest I rarely play these so I need to ensure I dont start because of a few lucky sessions.

My final sports book for the month including the online casino is below. Bad month on the horses mainly made up of ante post bets for Cheltneham that all did crap.


On a personal level I move to a new role within the company I work for on April 1 - I move from people manager to project manager so lets see what challenges that brings. Maybe if its late nights it will save me from donating in the 16K every night :) !!!

Good Luck all

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