Friday, March 16, 2007


Was off work today to watch the Cheltneham festival hence played poker all day.

Basically as you know I'm sitting in horrid position of £1500 down for the month but played stt's and fixed limit all day to day and change my £200 balance into £1700. I am delighted especially with my form in the stt's where i won 3 2 2nds and 3 no wheres.

Luck was a bit better with good hands holding up although I didnt really suck out on anyone in any of the wins. My fixed limit form was better and playing all day was good as rakeback this month is 40%. Im really pleased as was in the clarts for the month.


I sometimes go to the festival and absolutely love it - however I had a shocking Tue and Wed this week and was 5 ton down. Had a winner and a couple of Good EW's placed today so won 200 and odd back. Will be delighted if I can get to break even on the festival tomorrow which is Gold Cup day.

I have 2 ante post bets Degas Art 25-1 in Triumph and Fair Along 16-1 in count so hopefully one or both of these will land.

Saturday I have a work pish up at the Rugby club which Im looking forward to but then back up at 415am on Monday to the Ukraine for the week again which Im not looking forward to :(.

Hate it when I cant play the big Sunday tournies. They have wireless in hotel in Ukraine so look out for a Ukraine based player next week :)

Good Luck and nice to write a non twisting thread :)



Unknown said...

Loving the colour scheme Soap!


Poker play the Soap way said...

Thanks PQ - I just need a few flashing moving banners now ;) !!!