Sunday, March 11, 2007


FFS I know I twist a lot but nobody losses as many 80 20s as I do at vital stages.

10 left in EPT qualifyer and I have played perfect a guy raises with decent stack I reraise him with QQ ( he has pushed over top twice before and I have folded ). - I decide Im looking him up - 3rd best hand in poker ad he cant have a monster every time.

13K pot for chip lead with 9 left. ME qq v 55 flop 7 5 3.

Thank god Im on business trip most of next few weeks as I am so sick of the beats I always get at vital stages in big qualifyers. Played the 16k also and made the final table - was 5th of 7th when pushed with 2 4 !!!! prob daft was just 40% of my stack I could pick up if got through blinds but BB had ten ten.

560$ hardly puts a dent in my £1500 deficit this month and again the big qualifyer seat escapes me through bad luck rather than bad play.

WTF does he think hes beating - Rant Over as have to be up at 415 am for flight to Ukraine :(

3 days off Wed - Fri for Cheltneham and hopefully I can keep off this sick game

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