Saturday, August 18, 2007

IN THE MIDDLE OFF THE NIGHT....................

Cards have been running bad for me and tilted on Thursday for 1st time for ages.

Was 1.5k up at start of week and now £500 down on month.

Hence last night I decided I would punish myself by playing some low $ non turbo satellites so it was off to PokerStars I went.

I played :-

8$ double shootout to Stars Million Sunday (worth 215$)
39$ Rebuy into Stars 400k warm up (worth 215$)
55$ satellite into one of the World Cup of online poker events ( worth 530$)
33$ Satellite to next round sat for EPT at Baden Baden

The EPT I came 4th and blew a good position - I was chip leader when I check raised with q t diamonds on a board of 7d 8c 9d - i missed and lost to ace 9 and never recovered.

The good news is that I qualified for all the other events ( total value 900$). Some people cant just sit out to qualify and I witnessed some crazy plays on bubble in Sat. I folded qq 99 ak and aq in last 5 hands as no risk needed yet someone when out with open ended draw.

On stars you can un-regsister when qualify and these become tournament dollars - so I have a decision to make. The GCOOP i qualified for isn't until Sept but both the warm up and the million are tomorrow. I am off Monday so may play them both but have heard its about 10 hrs to get to the final table.

I am going racing at York for 2 days next week at the Ebor meeting. For me this is the best racecourse in GB and I love going to this meeting every year. Im off to St James Park today for the 1st home game of the season. My standard seat behind the goal as no corporate freebies on offer today !

As always thanks for reading - good luck and hopefully i can update at 8am on Monday on Final Table of the Poker Stars Million !!!! :)

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