Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I played one of the gold cup of poker events on crapto tonight for 1 min 31 seconds :D

Im dealt KK hand 2 blinds 15 30 possy 1 min raise to 60 possy 2 calls I have KK in possy 6 and make it 240 possy 1 folds and then possy 2 jams all in for 5k - what should be the move.

I called he had AA and I was out. Had possy 1 made the same move i would have 100% folded I just couldnt understand how possy 2 could have AA after a min raise low blinds and then flat call.

Anyway thats Interpoker account skinted :(

I then played a satellite to get in the big 150k$ gtd worth 500$ where 3 qualifed and of course i was 4th of 25 - cant do a thing right at the moment at poker.

On plus side in the England game at weekend I played the spreads - I thought Israel would be poor hence wanted to buy some England player goal minutes. I decided to go with one up top one in the middle and one at the back.

I had £5 Owen at 23
£3 S W Phillips at 7
£3 Richards at 3

A pleasing match :) - However I was still cursing at end when Owen went round keeper and missed - that would have been £400 and odd more.

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