Friday, September 14, 2007


Few links to some good poker blogs on the right of mine - some of the first ones I go to are :-

1) Azimut - fellow North Easterner - takes poker very serious but nice blend of poker articles with pish pulling fun articles also.

2) Highstacks - always one of my favourite reads and always guaranteed to have the c*** word in every post.

3) Bluescouse - young kid who made it big then lost it all then made it big then lost it all etc etc - now playing with borrowed money :(

4) Smartmoney - 1$ 2$ NL player who has made over 200k$ at this level over a couple of years - superb poker strategies but blog all the better for the 12 days of Titmus posts recently !!

5) UK Gatsby - Again a fellow North Easterner - mainly a £2 and £5 player who seems to have final table after final table - has his very own award ceremony the Gatsbys each month.

If you enjoy reading poker blogs then you will find these entertaining - all linked on the right.

Ps any of the 5 above who read this cheques made payable to soap enterprises plc - thanks :)

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