Sunday, April 20, 2008

2nd in 6 Shooter

Not sure to laugh or cry - bought in direct 500$ 18 runners.

5 left i flop a straight and raise some guys bet who then calls on a flush draw and hits- then tells me he had miles more outs than just the flush which got on my nerves as he never given i had the nut straight. Got in a chat war with him which I should not have done - need to sort that.

Anyway i was then 5th of 5 with 1K chips but won a race and then pushed in a lot without getting caller to get me back to 4th of 4. He then went out getting me in cash and then I went on a big rush talking the chip lead.

I then played shat - overaggressive and annoyed as one guy was easy to play / read after flop yet i pushed twice v him with moderate holdings and he had me 80 20 and 70 30 both times which held and i came 2nd.

Net pleased to cash but think i played shit last 3 but cash is cash. £1050 profit on game and similar on NL last few sessions so doing better again.

2 Howays

1) Toon Toon
2) Joe in Vegas in a few hrs

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TEAMDOBB said...

3rd one is 2.5 goals and OVER.
gg wp ul sir, u anry fkr