Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I hit my year target profit for the year at the weekend (£18K) which is much earlier than I had thought was feasible.

Of course poker can go down as well as up so it does not necessarily mean it is achieved and have dropped £1k since Saturday as an example.

However delighted to hit target so early in year - had two huge months in March and April when I have not been able to play much at all but landed some huge multi cashes although still can't win he key hands at final table of things like the 100k on Betfair.

Hardly playing fixed limit, dont think my no limit game is great but have a system with a half buy in at higher stakes that is going OK plus I feel multis are by far my strongest game now.

Bought a few things for the house and gave the wife some £s for savings so took quite a lot out of the poker roll.

Finally, sounds like we cant enter the team event for Newcastle forum game as all lads at work are on a stag do that weekend which is dissapointing.

Big well done to Azimut who won 2 multis on Betfair in 1 night over the weekend - he then sucked out on me in the 100K whilst playing about 7000 tables .....

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