Sunday, April 27, 2008


Been thinking about this after the weekend - not sure I have the game to go deep in tournies full of pros etc - think my schedule will be as per below.

May - Newcastle GUKPT (qualified with B Square already) & may play a side event if exit.
June - Seen something on Newcastle forum about a team game that looks interesting - no Vegas for me as project go live July 1 :(
July - V Little Poker
August - Few games locally to start getting more live experience
September - WSOPE as part of team Betfair in London and going to take 2 weeks holiday and jst get a late flight as soon as knocked out.
October - Not sure
November - if no cashes in any of above then I think I will use my 10K EUR Crapto package on the Caribbean Poker Classic Cruise
December - nothing unless had a cash and then will use Crapto Package for a possible WPT in Vegas.

Would love to see as many as possible for toon UK GPT so get qualifying - either Sat night live sats or 3 times a week on Bluesquare.


TEAMDOBB said...

mmm interesting post
1: "not sure I have the game to go deep in tournies full of pros etc"
is that due to the aggresive nature of the game ?
2; I would deffo recommend you get a team in the team event- its a great night out full of good crack and banter between most who play especially us. Get in quick cos I guarantee it will sell out and its only 8 teams. Contact can be made through the forum to "Candygirl" by PM.
3; Local games for you would have to be Sunday game at Aspers or Sat afternoon one.

Alot of the crowd from St Kitts are up for the GUKPT in town so we should have a good time. Day 1b I think we playing.

Poker play the Soap way said...

1) Not really - just dont like live as much - struggled with small pairs etc but think it is because i hit nowt!!!

2) Brennan is in charge of that - hes the man with the time - Brenann get finger out ;)

3) Just to pick up some experience before WSOPE not bothered on $ events so Fri game is ok also.

For GUKPT I am 1A and at York Races Fri but up for sesh Sat if anyone else is

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Well chq in post to newcastle so im def ready for some live loving :))

Anonymous said...

People should read this.