Sunday, April 13, 2008


KK lost to 99 after losing 3 races for chip lead in 2.5k.

Unregistered from 100k as mind not right.

Will play the 80$ lottery turbo to Laddie poker mill final where u need to be jammy as out - if no good may have a night off.

Also blew every penny from Chelt this month on sports - had a daft scorecast today Gerrard and 2-0 at 22-1 sums up current form with 89th minute 3rd goal lol.

Alos just had someone mouthing ob Betfair after the KK v 99 beat who wasn't even in the hand that has made my mood even worse.

Disaster month except 1 day so far that has civered the sports losses.

Hopefully onwards and updwards and have t play through it.

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