Monday, April 07, 2008


Frustrated as hell despite soom good returns.

Played the 250KEUR on Virgin which I qualified for a while ago and came 38th for 1150EUR losing a race to go out which would have put me top 10 - was 50 50 pre.

Then I had 70% of chips in play heads up on Laddies for poker million seat - slow play aces and he flops 2 pair in a hand that if i had raised he would not have been in - I then did bluff with nothing and lost - 2nd was 3750$ and we swapped 10% heads up. However seat and a tv appearance worth 25k$ gutted.

Then Betfair 100k gtd - 2 of us miles cleat till final table then I lose KQ me v KJ when he rivers flush and then all in A3 on J32 board v A2 for big chip lead and comes AJ for split - sick :( bith v same played - I was then 5th of 5 and tryed to jam steal as he was v loose so didnt want him to come over top - I only had K2 and he had ace ten that held - but gutted as he was poor and mega lucky and if i win one of two above hands I think I come top 2. Once again when the prize pool is huge I take some beats at final table :(. Anyway decent return for 5th of 6500$ but 1st prize 30k$ and 2nd prize 20k$

A night of what could have been but its better than getting a bad beat at level 1


Brenos said...

Vul with the beats mate, but wd all the same on the nice score :-)

TEAMDOBB said...

soooooo close and kept me entertained. You had good support and well done AGAIN m8y!