Friday, April 25, 2008


One of the most frustrating days I have ever had in poker - couldn't get moving at all and finished day on 13k chipsish from 10k start and this is about my high point since the 1st hr. !!

Played 9 1 hr levels yesterday - got one high pocket pair in 9 hours (queens) and folded this to a possy 1 limper who checked in dark and flop came 8 high and he put in a reraise - i was certain he had 88 or aa so i put down qq with 8k left and he showed AA so feel freerolling a bit.

Been all in twice when low winning 2 when i was marginal fav but go back to what i think is 700 1400 levels with 100 anted giving me an M in Harringtons terms of less than 5 which we all know is bad.

So early double up on Sat or out in 1st hour looks like the way it will play out - some cards would be nice although I have had to manoeuvre with nothing hence why i ain't really got going as i never hit anything with crap either !!!

Engy is still in also but if we add our chips together we still have less than the 37K average. Last i see Goodwin had more chips than Harry Ramsden.

Good Luck all

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TEAMDOBB said...

we following you on awop matey gl you know quick it can change!!