Sunday, December 28, 2008


Just read this months Inside Poker and WPT mags and seen I got a mention in both for the CPC.

I also had a sick day yesterday. I lost a big pot at PLO when I think I should have folded the nuts but was too inexperienced to do it so was in a bit of a hole. I then loaded up 5 10 NLHE and was all in QQ v 99 preflop for 1100$ to get level on the day and flop comes quad 9s for him :(

Some great tournies everywhere tonight - I will prob play 1st 3.

75K gtd Betfair
Oz millions 5 seats Gtd Betfair
1.5 Million Warm Up Stars
2.5 Million Gtd Stars
30 seats Gtd PCA Stars

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