Monday, December 08, 2008

Virgin Poker

Lad at work has been telling me about a 1 Mill Gtd tourny this weekend that costs 1000 EUR to get in.

Hence tryed to qualify via a sat and current form continues - all in to treb up on 567 board with 1010 called by 99 and then a7 that spikes a.

But to the point of the post - oh my is this the worst poker software of all time. Absolutely horrible - dead clumpy, takes forever for new tables to open when moved etc.

I wont be back - shame really as airmiles for player points looks good.

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Robert "Animal" Price said...

lots peeps say that and i used to but i find it very very easy now on miniview and a lot easier to play than many other sites. i want to enter Sunday but prob find some lazy or hangover excuse ;) gl if u change ya mind on it.