Saturday, December 06, 2008


FFS tryed to win my entry into the 1000$ main event tomorrow. Useless Geordie ****s

Selection 1 Liverpool @ 8/11 To Win - Win
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool
15:00 06/12/2008
Selection 2 Newcastle United @ 5/6 To Win - Lose
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Newcastle United v Stoke City
15:00 06/12/2008

Bet Type Double
Unit Stake £250.00

Next up do a fortune on Diana getting eliminated in x factor and then at last looks like i might turn day around.

Was going well on *s 100k again about 20th of 60 left and 45 paid 600$ upwards. I call a raise on big blind with AQ and like flop of AQ2 and check raise and he jams with what i am pretty certain is AK. Instant call for me for 35k pot to go top 5 or so and he has QQ and I am drawing to 2 outs.

A proper shit day LOL


Amatay said...

sick cooler mate, ul. lol @ u betting on x factor.

TEAMDOBB said...

betting on X factor lol I wunda where you got that from????

Alex take me to the bank please

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas