Thursday, April 30, 2009


FFS taking pc on holiday was a bad move. Playing PLo on balcony having a beer does not mix well and just get all in all the time. Just had another awful session losing the 2 pots I was big fav in - one versus a hand you cannot possibly believe he was still in pot but of course go there.

I have done over £2K poker and £1K sports on "holiday" which really makes you wish you left pc behind. I only took it so could rake enough to cover GUKPT entry - LOL.

Anyway I do have a possible rescue mission that I will Bok by putting it up here. I have a very large chunk on Murphy to win the snooker at 9-1. I am going to let it ride but if he gets to final I may revisit it.

Nice and hot here today and the strong winds have dies down, at one point I was thinking this is the life, however if I did 3K a week it would not last long.

However, all in all I will be in front for the month and midway through the month Iwould have snapped your hand off with that. I do need to ensure I play NLHE rather than PLO more as I know I am much better at the former, even though much prefer the latter.

A few people have asked me tips on multis, I aint done out this year so not sure I am positioned to write anything but will think up my top 5 tips on the beech today and post something next time I am on.

Bah just bust my last Laddies balance so no more player on final day of rakerace as I aint depositing.

GL chaps and chappesses

PS Fol Hollow runs in a very good race tomorrow at Muss - upped in class I would be delighted if placed although has won course and distance before at much lower grade.

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