Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recovery had been going well until tonight. I have just been playing cash almost every night and had won 4 days in a row until tonight.

I basically had recovered from 4.5k down on month to get to almost break even but for some reason played some high stakes fixed limit tonight (25 50) and did a grand in double quick time which halted the recovery.

Shame it was FL as one hand i had 33 on a 3322Q board v QQ !!!!!

Have booked to go to Spain for a week at the weekend so target is to try and get to break even before I go - that would give me huge satisfaction as my head was up my backside and felt pretty low.

Hopefully a bit of PMA, a bit of running good and finding multi mojo again to come in next month or so. Will also play my 2nd live game of the year when GUPT comes to Newcastle and will probably will try and play a few events in the week - porbably £1500 -£2000 buy in and might try and sell 30% or so on here nearer time if anyone interested.

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Anonymous said...

hi mate

barnsie from forum here be interested in staking u for live event

get mavo to give me a shout if needs be

all the best