Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Lost at cash again tonight ( 4 figs) - run sick but biggest pot of night i am drawing thin with top 2 v made str8.

Alos played a few expensive multis on stars and got shafted numerous tims in both.

Have now got 0 cash in all poker accounts and dont feel like any deposit is value add at the minute.

If i do not do anything at weekend then no doubt I will play but at this exact moment of time - if I see a hand of poker within a month it would be too soon.

Not sure what has gone wrong but I am currently shit.


PHLUKKE said...

Commiserations . I know exactly how you feel (only much smaller stakes) . Good luck when you come back. L4

rubbish said...

Just had a week off after running bad. Felt much better last night. Guess it will for you as well. Good luck.