Friday, April 24, 2009


Best poker session for a long time tonight.

I 4 tabled cash with 2 tables 3 6 and 2 tables 5 10 where i bought in for 50BB rather than 100. I had aces so many times that got action and held and almost every pot I got my money in when in front and held the majority of the time. I had £2K in play and just left with over £6K and the session lasted just over 90 minutes. I dont usually play 4 tables and do have to admit to some fatique even after 90 mins.

Anyway that puts a few quid in my pocket to take to Marbella on Sunday and the Mrs can cancal the cart and horse order .........

Hopefully, onwards and upwards although will 2 table PLO later so may put a dent back in it !!! EDIT Peaked at 1500 up across 2 tables of 2 4 and 3 6 but then lost a big pot in race and left £800 and odd up at PLO - still up so may use it to buy in later once I have had a beer.

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Jackal23 said...

nice one, there must be something in the air tonight as me you and brennan have all posted positive posts. Makes a nice change,