Monday, April 27, 2009


About 5 good ones in a row.

Took pc with me on holiday to get a few hrs play each day before going out on a nighttime. Mainly because I am on for about $1500 in the rake thing and wanted to protect my position on the leaderboard. I plan to use this cash to buy into Newcastle GUKPY next month which is £1075 and hence seems to about equal what I would be due.

However, I did 3 buy ins in a 10 minutes session tonight at 600 PLO. Each time I got them in when I was 50 50 at worst but a couple of times when I guess i was 60 40 ish. Anyway I lost the lost which was 1500 loss in the session across 3 tables which is what I did not need.

Also had a big bet out of the horse winnings on Sat on the snooker and that lost today also - hence today I have not done well at all.

Lets hope Newcastle dont complete a realy bad day as if dont win tonight they are definately down.

Well done Ben on 3rd last night.

GL all

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Amatay said...

gl in the Championship next yr