Sunday, August 02, 2009


Went down to Duffs Full House to play the forum game this weekend. Numbers much less than previous years but good to meet some all friends and a few new ones.

Had good day at Goodwood races on Fri and many thanks to Carl driving us both ways. Just 1 winner that about covered costs. Cam back played a £50 freezeout and took this down for about £400.

Next day and 50 0dd runners at forum game, well organised but a few unschedukled breaks when there was a power cut !!! Anyway made 1 good laydown and basically cruised to final table. At final table 6 left when biggest drunk on table who had almost same stack as me (I was chip leader) limps 5K, I raise to 25K with a9 and he pushes all in for 100K. Usually, this would look like AA but the way he had been playing i knew he was weak and snap called. This is to have greater than 50% of chips in play with 5 left and was delighted when he shows 910 but less delighted at 8JQ flop :( - went out a few hands later when pushed with 85 and was called by 66.

£380 for 6th and £400 for 1st night before made it a nice weekend £ wise but was more after the prestige of doing the double :)

Anyway - thanks to all who organised especially Carl and Tony.

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Wildcat said...

A couple of excellent performances bodes well for the EPT. wp.