Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got home today and after 45 mins kip was up and running at PLO online. I had a real good session and recovered all I had lost in the week in about a 2 hr 2 table session.

However, shortly after i logged out my new PC (Dell Studio) arrived so i proceeded to set that up which was incredibly easy, then i started loading all the poker software - grrrrr. I then played PLO again and the day was set in a 1500EUR pot at 2 4 PLO when i got it in with but str8 with nut overdraws versus a 2 pr hand that got there via a backdoor flush. Played several hrs since and from about 6 big pots for the all ins I have won only 1 and have never been in really bad which is annoying.

I am really pleased with how well I played in Macau, I basically made 0 mistakes at all in a full days play and just lost the 3 hands where i was fav in - I think this is one of the first times i look back at a days poker and genuinely cannot find something to criticise myself over. Anyway back home now so will be playing online a bit this week and need to turn round the small August loss into a profit by the end of the week. I also played with Ben online and he uses all the Hold Em stats and makes decent notes that i do not, I will dwell over whether i should go that route in next week or so as usually play based on memory / feel but see some logic in it the other way also.

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