Sunday, August 23, 2009


Took me a day or so to get over the below, and another buy in when getting it in ahead at PLO600 didnt help, my online sessions in Macau all 30 mins max are -600, -600, -250 which puts me in the negative column for this week, so aim when i get home will be to rescue August and try and turn it in to profit.

Mainly just been out drinking last few nights and last night had a very nice Chinese meal at the Wynn then headed over to Venttian but the bar that was so packed the other night was a lot quieter (I since found out it had been ladies night first time we went!!). Anyway we tryed a couple of clubs also with 2 drinks each in local nightclubs D2 and Cubic. Was amusing to see one party ordering the biggest drinks bottles in the world and necking champagne from a magnum etc. All premier league games and the ashes were on in the bars so watched most the matches at Hard Rock Cafe also.

Have 1 night left tonight and then basically a full day tomorrow as fly at 1130PM Monday night - bit down on poker so may just try a spin up on the gambling tables as thus far are a couple of hundred in front from blackjack and a dice game called sic bo.

Dont think will bother any Sunday multis even though timewise could probably play them when got back timewise. Well done to Toon for another win yesterday and come on Everton today to land my Sunderland Arsenal Everton treble on Betfair.

Next post will be back home - good luck if playing the majors tonight.

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C said...

hey bud, unlucky in macau. could i get a link please? 'a year in the life' -