Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh dear - its deffo looking like losing month now. Had 2 great sessions at PLO that put me in profit for month but then have had a 7BB losing streak (3 sessions) and now quite a bit down for the month. On top of that and probably related i bought Omaha add on of hold em manager and basically had to try and fix my old version before I could install. This software makes me tilt so bad. Why the **** they dont just hire a programmer who builds and addition that auto loads everything onto your pc instead of pishing about is beyond me. Surely most people would pay a premium for this. Anyway makes me tilt so hard but think it is sorted now bar stars that wont work on it for some reason. I should have just left it - I hate all that sh1t and probably no surprise i start to lose when start looking at it !!!!!

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