Saturday, March 07, 2009


I entered 4 multis tonight and busted in 3 of them with really bad beats 80 20 my way but on top of that in 2 of them it was a total joke that they called my turn shoves.

Then load up 5 10 cash and do well to start with and then get in my biggest pot for ages.

Basically almost 3000$ pot (all in on turn) on board J453 when i jam raised his big bet - I was pretty sure he had AA or KK the way the betting had gone. I had a really well disguised 45 and the river came 2 ( he had 12 outs) making him a straight. Have been withdrawing a bit on *s when made a profit so roll now is extremely low ( 3 figs). Hopefully I can avoid depositing as been on a decent run of not depositing for a while.

Away from poker I had 50 EW on the days big race winner ( Daves Dream 16-1) which was the 1st touch I have landed for a while but lost 1/3 rd of this back.

I also went for a big treble in the FA Cup on the favs even though I knew they would have slightly weakened teams.

Had £500 treble Chelsea (8/15) Man U (10/11) and Arsenal tomorrow (1/2) so have 4 figures runing on to the match tomorrow so should make it entertaining.

I also learned that the horse I bought a share in has an entry at Aintree in the NH flat race on National Day. It will probbaly run if the ground is soft or worse and even though it will be 250-1 or something I imagine it would be fantastic to be in the owners / trainers part on National day - my sister lives that way so may make a weekend of it if he does run.

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