Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK its not all about writing up the wins. When I first started this blog the main purporse was to discipline myself and keep records etc. I hate posting any loss and it has been a massive EV move for me.

However, I just finished my worst week betting / poker wise ever. Got in a bit of a hole at Chelt and then having been chasing and getting in bigger and bigger hole. Just looked and in the week I did £5K on sports and £2.5K on poker - mainly due to indiscipline and also running awful. Loaded a few Sunday multis up to try and blast out of it but gone early from all bar warm up and to be honest my poker game has suffered with my current mindset.

These things happen, just have to hope its another 2.5 years before I have that indiscipline again. Got a mega busy week at work coming up hence will make sure no sports bets and to be honest poker will be very rare. Despite the poker loss I still have my head in front for the month on poker tables (only just) and the guy I am staking is going well also which is good news for both of us.

I am going to cut write back on sports bets as have been putting far too big bets on in a year where profit across sports / poker is non existant in the year.

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