Sunday, March 29, 2009


Set ups / beats and losing races !!!

WSOP qualifyer start v well then get it all in with top 2 pair v bottom set.

Warm Up - Lose JJ v AK twice for guge stacks.

Betfair Irish Open - lose 4 from 4 races.

Betfair 55K - chip led after 4 hands when i doubled up with a flopped str8 and then lose every race since - still in but well behind average. EDIT just gone qq losing to AK again.

Looking like a poor night again !!

Only just in profit for the month and will deffo make more from staking than playing this month. Better than losing i suppose.

AT least Bruce has listedned to my rants at Betfair and has changed multi schedule to be much better so I rewarded him by reloading it.

Betfair Customer Services 29 Mar 17:07
New season and a new clock, it’s time for a new schedule.

Starting from Monday 30th March, the following tournaments will be amended:
- The daily $11k GTD will change to a $20K GTD, same buy-in of $100 + $9
- The daily $5K Deepstack will change to a $7K GTD Deepstack, same buy-in of $55 + $5
- The daily $1600 Lunch money tournament will change to a $2000 GTD, same buy in of $20 + $2
- The weekly Sunday $55K GTD will change to a $80K GTD, new buy-in of $540 + $10

We’re also introducing a monthly $20K GTD, $20 buy-in – the first one will take place on May 3rd.

Finally, you can look forward to numerous qualifiers to live events, including WSOP, WSOP Europe, the Greek Poker Tour and the Balkan Pokernews challenge.

Happy spring,

Betfair Poker team.

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