Saturday, March 21, 2009


Managed my 1st week for some time with 0 sports bets. However, largely down to the mad hours I have had to do at work - I probably have done somewhere in the region of 70 hrs this week.

Poker - only just got my head above water this month and only had 2 sessions 2 tabling cash this week. Loaded £500 in Laddies and won £750 taking it to £1250 and then lost the full £1250 the following nights both times getting it in when 20 80 which aint good !!!

Played 30 60 FL for 30 mins a few hours ago and won £700 so just above break even for week.

Have 3 projects going live April 1 so doubt I will get much play in next week and had thought about the London GUKPT but have all but dismissed that now.

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