Monday, March 09, 2009


Played 3 multis - the biggets being the 2.5 million gtd on Ipoker.

In 1st hr I got quads once and went from 5 to 7k. 2nd hr i dropped back to 6K and then in 3rd hr dropped to 4K.

I get nothing for ages and then 5 limpers of 200 + a few antes into my BB. Obviously noone has anything of strength so I shove for 4K with a weak ace. (hand didnt matter) It gets through the earlier flat caller so I assume I am safe, but no some coco, crusty, Ronald McDonald, thinks his King Ten must be in good shape and calls - anyway 9K pot to go above average and i look good flopping ace but he makes a flush and I am gone. Massively frustating as direct buy in was $1580 and prizes huge.

Next up a 20$ sat to the 320$ final qualifyer to Irish festival whcih I qualify for Thu 320$ final qualifyer.

Then played a London GUKPT 1 seat only 250$ qualifyer. 2nd - 6th get cash back and i get heads up in a strong field. However he has 29K to my 10K. However I get it all in in good shape for chip lead with AQ v A9 pre flop and he rivers a 9.
We swapped a small % in main event so I have 10% of him but so so so sick weekend poker wise.

My big £500 trebele landed on the footy so that gets the chin up a bit. However backed someone via oddschecker to win golf with Paddy power at 10-1 for £25 and i look at statement tonight and the link must have been wrong as shows i backed someone else.


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piss my self laughing