Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My shares continue to be an absolute pain and this weeks drops take me to -40odd% which aint good. I got out of 1 just in time as well at a profit, had i not I would now be -60%.

Anyway I decided to just forget about them and leave them as busto or recover long term. Barclays remains my biggest investment and if they could prove no write offs needed it is hugely undervalued with a market cap equivalent to only a few years profits.

Anyway whats the point of the above - basically I have decided to spend any poker winnings on something enjoyable - hence took 5K from roll and paid 2.5K on mortgage and using other 2.5K to buy small shares in a couple of horses. Last night i purchased my 1st ever share in a potential jumper (ran in 4 NH flat races) and is pictured and is named General Calibou - basically looks like it needs a slog already so lets hope we have so more bad weather.

I am also going to invest in a small share in cheap two year old with Haslam again via the breeze sales. Intention would be to sell after 1 year and hopefully take advantage of the £10K added to any maiden winners that are bought at breeze up this year. Even a claiming or seller win is worth £5K added so a hopeful punt.


rubbish said...

Hi Soap,
I've been thinking about joining a horse syndicate. Have you any experience of these? Anyones worth joining or avoiding like the plague? All the best with yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Soap,
Read the blog every day, keep up the good work!
General Calibou looks a decent prospect from my little knowledge, ive been wondering about buying a percentage in horses too and wondering where you recommend, is it MPR you deal with?
I probably can't afford it as im piling my BR to my vegas trip in april, but would be interested in buying shares in a horse when I return.
If you want to leave a lil info here, or email me on tinnedtuna @gmail .com -without the spaces cheers