Saturday, May 30, 2009


Awesome multi on full tilt on Thur night called MSOp (mini series of poker) basically every day they have an even that mirrors the wsop event just 100 times the buy in less and 100 times the clock less. Hence yesterdays 40K 2 hr levels WSOP event translated to a 400$ 12 min level 1000K GTD.

This had 450 runners and I played rather well - I was average stacked approaching the bubble (paid 50 700$+) and 3 of us seen a Q rag rag flop after my raise got no respect with AQ. Anyway someone bet into me on a q84 2 spade board and i decided i was ahead so jammed over the top and they called with A4 but with the flush draw. Turn blank river spade and I am gone for 0 rather than top 10 with 50 left in a huge prize money event.

Tonight i played a 80$ sat and won through that to play the 750$ 350K ECOOP (European Championship Of Online Poker) event on ipoker. Again 500 and odd runners and 50 paid. It looked like the same story all over again as I was 53 of 56 when pushed a low stack with A5 called by the BB with TT but fortunately i flopped an ace and have now beat the bubble so guaranteed 1575$.

I am currently very low though as played mega defensive to cash in situations i would usually shove but needs must at the moment. I am 40 oddth of 40 odd left and next payment jump is 500$ if get in the 30s which I will probably try and ladder to but only have 8 big blinds.


Gone 38th for 2100$ I shoved 7 BB with A2 into big blinds AQ adn board cam AQQ

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