Saturday, May 30, 2009


FL -980
HU -470
Multi -3265
STT 50
NL 5120
Rake Bonus1000

Quite a frustrating month but pretty much always in profit but never by much. A few big buy ins for GUKPT etc included in above.


1) Non losing month at PLO :)

2) NL - I should play more as have been doing pretty well at 3 6 although its a good job the way multis have been going.


1) Multis continue to be awful. I am definitely running awful (lost 3 flips in row when CL tonight) but also not playing as well as I used to.

2) 2nd Nuts into nuts again in a large buy in tourney (AA v KK in GUKPT main event)

3) Much lower roll so having to sat into events and find myself laddering to make cash when i know deep down should be shoving over top near bubble etc.


1) I have already qualified for the 500$ event tomorrow night on IPoker and have took entered a 320$ sat to the main event on Monday.

2) $2500 main event in ECOOP on Monday - happy to be staked if any serious offers leave a comment :) - I am due to run good.

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